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Low-calorie foods : Best Vegetables , Fruits and berries 2023

Low-calorie foods

Low-calorie foods

Not all foods that have the status of low-calorie or dietary in fact are such. In some cases, this is just a marketing ploy, in others – confusion with the myth about food with negative calorie content. We have prepared for you a list of really low-calorie foods that are suitable for the diet of everyone who wants to lose extra pounds.



Vegetables must be present in the daily diet of a person. They are rich in essential vitamins and trace elements, contain a lot of fiber. Regular use of such products reduces the amount of “harmful” cholesterol and prevents the development of beriberi. What can be suitable for a diet menu?

Fruits and berries

Seasonal products must be present in the diet, for example, in summer – strawberries, in winter – tangerines. In addition to these fruits, there are those that can almost always be found on the shelves of large stores:

Fish and meat

For proper nutrition, not only fruits and vegetables are required. Among meat and fish products there are enough low-calorie, so if you eat them, you do not have to worry about extra calories:

Legumes and cereals

Legumes contain a huge amount of protein: this is used by vegetarians who cannot get the necessary protein norm from animal meat. When forming your diet, it is worth considering that some beans and cereals will help balance the BJU:

Dairy products and eggs

So that the diet does not harm the musculoskeletal system and muscles, it is necessary to include dairy products rich in protein and calcium in the diet:


You can diversify the diet with the help of seasonings, nuts and other tasty and healthy products:

You can support the body during weight loss with the help of special products. Among these food additives is “Thermo Complex” from Herbalife Nutrition, which stimulates metabolism. The product contains 33% of the daily value of vitamin C and a high level of caffeine, which provides the body with the necessary energy. You can keep yourself in good shape by taking only one tablet of a dietary supplement per day.




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