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Home » simple nail designs : Top 10 Simple Nail Designs 2023

simple nail designs : Top 10 Simple Nail Designs 2023

simple nail designs

simple nail designs


Nail designs have become a popular trend over the years, with varied styles and designs to take from. Simple nail designs, in particular, have gained popularity undefined to their minimalistic and easy-to-do nature. In this article, we will hash out everything you want to make out about simple smash designs.


What are Simple Nail Designs?

simpleton nail designs are basic and easy-to-do designs that do not require whatsoever intricate patterns or elaborate techniques. They are hone for beginners or for people who need to keep their nails simple yet stylish.

Benefits of Simple Nail Designs

Simple nail designs come with several benefits. Firstly, they are easy to do, which saves clock and effort. Secondly, they are versatile, as they can be through with on both yearn and short nails. Thirdly, they are cost-effective, as they require minimal tools and can be done at home. Lastly, they give a classic and elegant look that ne’er goes out of style.

Top 10 Simple Nail Designs

1. French Manicure

The French manicure is a classic and timeless design that involves painting the tips of the nails with a white smooth and the rest of the smash with a veer pink or beige color. It is a simple so far elegant design that can be done on some yearn and short nails.

French Manicure

2. Polka Dot Design

The polka undefined design is a cute and playful design that involves painting the nails with a post colour and and so adding dots with a dotting joyride or toothpick. It is a fun and easy-to-do plan that put up be done in unusual colors to match any outfit.

polka dot design nails

3. Half Moon Design


The half-moon design is a chic and sophisticated design that involves painting the bottom half of the nail with a contrasting color. It is a simple yet stylish plan that can be done in various tinge combinations.

Half Moon Design nails

4. Glitter Design

The glitter design is a glamorous and sparkly design that involves adding shine polish on top off of a base color. It is a fun and easy-to-do design that adds a touch of glam to whatsoever outfit.

Glitter Design

5. Stripes Design

The stripes design is a boldface and graphic design that involves painting stripes on the nails with a reduce brush or tape. It is a simple so far eye-catching design that can be done in different colours and widths.

Ombre Design

6. Chevron Design

The chevron design is a trendy and modern plan that involves painting zigzag lines on the nails with a thin brush or tape. It is a simple yet chic design that can be done in different colour combinations.

Chevron Design

7. Animal Print Design

The animal publish design is a fun and wild plan that involves painting creature prints on the nails with a thin sweep or stamping tool. It is a coltish and easy-to-do design that adds a touch of fun to whatsoever outfit.

Animal Print Design

8. Ombre Design

The ombre design is a slope design that involves blending II or more colours together on the nails. It is a simpleton yet beautiful design that can be through in various color combinations.

Ombre Design

9. Floral Design

The floral design is a feminine and delicate design that involves painting flowers on the nails with a slenderize brush or stamping tool. It is a beautiful and easy-to-do plan that can be done in different colors and styles.

Floral Design

10. Geometric Design

The geometric design is a modern and edgy plan that involves painting geometrical shapes on the nails with a thin brush or tape. It is a simpleton so far bold design that can be done in unusual color combinations and shapes.

Geometric Design

Tools Required for Simple Nail Designs

To achieve hone simple nail designs, you need a few tools. Firstly, you need a base coat to protect your nails from stain and chipping. Secondly, you want a overcoat to seal in the design and work it last longer. Thirdly, you need a smash polish remover to strip up any mistakes. Lastly, you need a variety of smash polishes, a thin brush or tape, a dotting tool around or toothpick, and a stamping tool (optional) to make different designs.

Tips to Achieve Perfect Simple Nail Designs

To achieve perfect simple nail designs, you need to follow a some tips. Firstly, make certainly your nails are strip and dry before applying some polish. Secondly, utilize a base coat to protect your nails and a overcoat to seal in the design. Thirdly, apply slenderize coats of smoothen and let each surface dry out before applying the next. Fourthly, use a slim down brush or tape to produce strip lines and shapes. Fifthly, use a dotting tool or toothpick to create dots and small details. Lastly, practice makes perfect, so keep stressful and experimenting with different designs.

simple nail designs


Simple nail designs are an easy and fun way to tote up approximately style to your nails. They are versatile, cost-effective, and soft to do at home. With the top off 10 simpleton nail designs and the tools and tips provided, you can achieve hone simple nail designs that will make your nails search stylish and elegant.


1. Can I do simple nail designs on short nails?

Yes, simple nail designs put up be finished on both long and short nails.

2. What are some easy designs for beginners?

Some easy designs for beginners include the French manicure, polka dot design, and half-moon design.

3. What tools do I need to do simple nail designs?

You need a base coat, topcoat, blast polish remover, a variety of nail polishes, a thin brush or tape, a dotting tool or toothpick, and a stamping tool around (optional) to create different designs.

4. How can I make my nail designs last longer?

You can make your nail designs last longer by using a base coat, topcoat, and applying thin coats of polish.

5. Can I create my own simple nail designs?

Yes, you can create your own simple nail designs by experimenting with different colours and tools.




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